About: One of the strategies at ALDN is to reach younger generations of Millennial and GenZ in Mongolian community. Where are these young people? Where do they spend most of their time and how are they connected and access information is quite different nowadays. Our team started looking into the social media space and realized there is much needed positive and value-of based content is lacked online among our young people. Since early this year, we have been posting consistently three posts every week in the category of Inspiration Monday, Wisdom Wednesday and Freedom Friday. So far the reach and receptiveness are very encouraging. We reach over 250,000-500,000 people every week with some videos reaching more than 500,000 people. Most of these young people are not believers and our posts and stories certainly touches their hearts and minds. Our team is also working towards launching our podcast series for young people at the end of this quarter.

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Worldwide


  • Youth & Young adults

  • Media Outreach

  • Resource platform development

  • Millennials and GenZ  

  • Learning Platform

  • Social Media and Digital Content

  • Value based content