The Mobile Application Based Projects

About: We were able to translate and launch the Bible for Kids app in Mongolian and within in less than 2 years, we had over 16,000 downloads. Accompanied material called the children’s hope study materials are distributed among 200 churches over 150,000 copies. This year, we also started working with our media partner Among Heir Worthy launched Mongolia’s first Christian audio books, E-book, Podcast application called Gerelt. In less than one month of Beta version test running, we already have over 1200 subscribers and it’s still growing daily. This app will allow Mongolian believers around the world to read and listen to Christian books on their smart devices anywhere and anytime. This online platform will also serve Christian authors and publishers to solve the distribution problems they are facing in getting their contents to the customers around the world. With the fast pace of changing lifestyle and vast spread nature of Mongolia community around the world, this project certainly brought learning and Christian literature resource creation to the next level. Initially the App is launched with E-Bible, Audio-Bible, 30 E-Books and 13 Audio Books. Our team is working hard to add books weekly and collaborating with publishers and authors in the community. The stage two with Podcast contributors will be added soon later this year.

Duration: Ongoing

Location: Worldwide


  • Media Outreach

  • Resource platform development

  • Millennials and Gen Z  

  • Social Media and Digital Content

  • Publishing Industry

  • Technology