About: Our vision is to impact strategic leaders in churches, in the marketplace, and in the different sphere of influences in Mongolia. This past February, we had the honor of hosting Parliament member of Mongolia and his colleagues in Southern California and Washington DC. We took them to attend the National Prayer Breakfast for strategic networking and connecting with like-minded politicians who are living out their faith in politics around the world. Through this key initiatives, we were able to get invited to put together Government Ethic Seminar and Global Business Leadership Forum in Mongolia in 2019. We will be launching our first Global Business Leadership Forum early next year targeting CEOs, founders, Senior/Mid level leaderships of different organizations, also Startup community and entrepreneurs. We will bring well-known speakers and people has strong background in leadership, business and social sectors from US and also from nearby regions in Asia to Mongolia. We will be continuously hosting again in 2019 a few more politicians and leaders in Washington DC for the Presidential Prayers breakfast.

Duration: Once a year

Location: Ulaanbaatar; Mongolia, Washington DC.


  • Ethic

  • Vision

  • Servant Leadership

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Community and National Development

  • Cross Cultural Worldview