116 movement


116 Movement is modern day most impactful youth movement in Mongolia. It all started by a hip-hop dancer named Tugo pursuing his dream after winning at Mongolia got Talent show a few years back. After he came to faith, he realized he could influence young people by teaching them and empowering them through dancing. Soon after he started a dance studio named 116 Studio and any upon a time there are 100s of teens gather around his studio. They not only learnt dancing, but also experienced a transformative community and the power of the Gospel in their lives. Last year a dozen of the 116 studio youngsters attended Mongolia got talent show and won the third place over all. Their influence and commitment were able to attract over 850 youth to their dancing camp and through social media and other channels, they were able to touch more young people, specially GenZ more than anyone in Mongolia. Now 116 officially become a movement that inspires, empowers and mobilizes the youth in Mongolia through their creative programs, online community and conferences. ALDN is partnering with 116 to bring more leadership capacity, necessary mentoring and strategic programs to the movement to enhance its mission!

Duration: On going 

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


  • Youth

  • Leadership Development

  • GenZ

  • Mentorship & Coaching

  • Social Media Content

  • Creative Projects

  • Community Development